About openmbta.com

Hello world! This website tries to give MBTA commuters an intuitive and useful way to monitor the MBTA services they use daily.



This website is not formally affiliated with the MBTA.

openmbta.com was created by the same people who created the mobile apps for openmbta.org a few years ago.

openmbta.com is a renewed effort.

Questions? Contact info@kajasoftware.com


Use the search box to add the routes you use daily. You can then monitor them simultaneously.

Then bookmark the webpage. The bookmarked URL will restore your selected routes.

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The real-time data is derived from the MBTA's GTFS realtime-format protocol buffer data. openmbta.com refetches this data every minute, though we don't know how often this data is refreshed at the source.

The scheduled data is from the MBTA's Schedule and Trip Planning GTFS data. This data is updated every few weeks at the most.

For more information about this data, visit the MBTA Developer's webpage.


openmbta.com is built with many free software tools. But notable new tools we used include